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Upon seeing the perfect health of so many villages start to decline, Mary realized that something had to be done. Cows4Kids is a result. Support Mary's efforts to preserve indigenous wisdom before it vanishes.   At Cows 4 Kids, it is not good enough to reverse disease. We are in the business of stopping it all together. Each of the communities that is supported consumes a different traditional diet, yet they all maintain perfect health. Cows4kids provides them with the animals to continue their unique ancestral diets and keep their wisdom alive.  


Help by sponsoring a village today. 

WisDOm rising 

Support Mary's efforts to document through film and journals the true potential of human health. Mary has been traveling throughout six continents for the last seven years to document humans in perfect health.  These communities are quickly modernizing, and there is not much time left before these communities present with the same health issues that we endure.  This wisdom must be preserved before it is lost.  

$40k USD = 1 research trip (including film)

$20k USD = 1 research trip w/o film.

$15k USD = Film recording and editing only. 

$5k written records per tribe.  


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